Valmarie Turner, Board Chairman

Emory Counts, Executive Director

Our Board

To Hold training meetings, conferences, workshops and other about the prevailing regulatory and programmatic issues of the day at locations around the state to be accessible to community development and economic development practitioners.   

To Help identify common problems, seek solutions, and plan for an Annual Meeting where members can share, discuss and benefit from their experiences.      
To Act as a clearinghouse for the many questions posed by citizens, members, constituents, HUD and state officials, or other; and provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas.       
To Alert community development and economic development professionals to important announcements, emerging resources, funding deadlines, items requiring support, and program
To Facilitate cooperation on common issues with members, agencies and groups.
To Promote professionalism and excellence among community and economic development programs.

The Florida Community Development Association provides a platform for community development professionals to get together and discuss how to best handle their similar challenges to accomplishing the respective program goals.  It has become more important than ever for us to share information in order to be more efficient in our operations.  Someone who has walked in your shoes is more likely to have the appropriate insight to provide you a fresh “practical” approach to a common challenge because they’ve tried it and it works.  NOW to work smarter together! We call on all Practitioners to share their information and “best practices”, to network, and attend our Annual Training Meeting/Conference to become “excellent” in every phase of community and economic development!

Our Mission

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